Still going…

School is really starting to fly by. Projects, papers, woodsmen meets and paperwork for my upcoming job. It is all going by way too fast. I am excited for the upcoming future but also nervous for what is to come. So many things are unknown. I have been making the best of the last weeks of my undergraduate career spending time with dear friends and having homework parties. Also training hard for my last woodsmen meet. This past weekend I competed at Colby College’s Mud Meet and came in first for my underhand chop. It was an amazing feeling and a personal record chop of 23 seconds. I continue to try to push myself in all aspects of life and I think it is finally paying off whether it be woodsmen, keeping a 4.0 GPA, and keeping my running schedule everyday.

Running has been something to look forward to in my schedule everyday. Those small 3.3 miles add up and make me feel happy. I am excited to get my mileage backup to where it used to be and I am excited to continue training for my marathon. The women who finished yesterday’s Boston Marathon were truly inspiring in how competitive they are as well as how hard they train. I look forward to getting to that point in my running career.

As graduation approaches I am excited to receive my honor cord, decorate my cap, and walk across that stage with friends, but, unlike most students graduating I am really going to miss Unity College. It has been my home for the past four years and I have done so much growing as a person and a student. I have enjoyed my education and expanding my knowledge on various topics. Most importantly I am going to miss the professors and the students. The love and support I have received from Unity College is incredible and I will not forget all of the teachers that made my education so great. I am very thankful for Sue and Randy Colvin, Pat Clark, Barry Woods, Dave Potter, Tom Mullin, and Kathleen Dunckel for making me the student I am today. I am forever grateful for these amazing people and strive to be a little like each of them.


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