Keep on, Keeping on

Today, as I sit in the library plugging away at the school work and projects, I can’t help but think of what is ahead. Coming back from spring break I realized that this really is the end. The end of my undergraduate career, the end of my woodsmen career, etc. But that is okay. It makes me excited to keep in touch with old and new friends on what their after school plans are as well as trying to make the best of the end of the semester. I am excited for what the next months have in store for me. I have really big plans and expectations for myself as well.

On Monday, I will be challenging a fellow lumberjill to represent Unity College in a bigger competition at Dartmouth College going against the best lumberjills in the east coast. It has me both excited and anxious. But I have been training really hard and will hopefully be happy with the outcome. The events we are going head to head in consist of the underhand chop, stock saw, and single buck. My training regime has also made me realize not only my drive in timbersports, but also how far I have come in these four short years. I started my career off dreaming of being as good as the upperclassmen on my team, and now people look at me in that same way. This sport has been one of the most rewarding parts of my college career and I wouldn’t change the friendships, competitions, and mental challenges for anything in this world. It makes me sad that my last two meets are coming up, but I hope to stick with the sport once I graduate competing in small fairs over the east coast.

Over the summer, I plan to knock off a good portion of the White Mountains famous 4000 footers (there is 48). Hiking is something that I enjoy to do regularly especially with my dad and friends. I want to see how far I can push myself physically and mentally in the outdoors but still staying safe and trusting my gut. I have only knocked one of these mountains off the list, the one in the number one spot, great Mount Washington. I really look forward to the challenges and fun that this goal will bring me in the upcoming months.

Finally, continuing throughout the year I look forward to getting back to my running routine and running the Millinocket Marathon in December of 2018. This means hard and long training runs that will hopefully bring a little bit of clarity and peace to me after work and throughout the rest of my spring semester.

Along with all of these goals that I have set for myself I will be working for Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in Region E (Greenville, ME) as a fisheries assistant for 6+ months. It is here that I hope to further my knowledge on managing fish populations in the state of maine trough unique management techniques and projects that this region, and it’s great group of biologists have to offer.

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